December 18, 2015


Dr’s. Ron and Dori Ingersoll have served in higher education as faculty, administrators, and consultants. The last 30 years they served as consultants in higher education in the areas of enrollment and student success. These situations always involved the whole institution. Dr. Ron Ingersoll wrote one of the first books on enrollment management, The Enrollment Problem: Proven Management Techniques published by ACE (American Council on Education). Both Dr. Ron and Dr. Dori collaborated with Dr. Bob Bontrager in creating the book, Strategic Enrollment Management: Transforming Higher Education. This book was published through AACRAO (American Association College Registrars and Admissions Officers). They were also the first to begin using Student Success rather than just Admissions in constructing the enrollment for colleges and universities.

Both senior executives at Colleges and potential students are making critical decisions which sometimes could be made more successful using outside resources. For example, presidents may look to friends or senior administrators at other schools for advice. These communications always make the decisions of enrollment and how to meet the needs of students more effective. We offer you practical and proven advice so that your decisions are more aligned with positive results. Senior executives and staff will likely receive suggestions leading to change and innovation.

These are some of the types of programs that can be addressed in our work with colleges and universities:

– Improving Advising
– Improving how Faculty Work with Students
– Increasing the Creativity and Innovative Capacity of Individuals and Teams
– Building Student Success Programs
– Implementing remedial education programs that really work.
– Improving communications between departments and people, thus reducing fragmentation.
– Creating more effective plans
– Better use of technology

How Do We Do It?
We do not provide ready-made plans for these areas, as consultants might do. We assume for organizations to build and conduct the programs the talent is already at the school. We can help them avoid wasted time and can bring ideas from many places including research, publications, and our associations with higher education in general. By working with senior staff, and others as designated, we can ensure that your efforts meet your needs and the needs of students at a reasonable cost.

All colleges and universities have problems. Some address them better than others. Some problems get addressed in the national media. Others are discussed in a less public way and good alternatives are found to address issues.

Our approach is the second path.
We work closely with all involved and look for the right pathway—through effective executive and leadership action. We can bring a different view and we can usually address issues with less bias.
We do all of our work by Internet. There are no travel costs. This differentiates our work from typical consultants. Often consultants are not needed as the ability to solve the problem lies within the resources contained at the college or university and only needs ideas or advice at various stages. This creates more ownership of the project by the school.

We work using a digital approach. We use Skype, Tele contact, and review college reports on enrollment, the marketing plan, identify the brand, and talk with people to develop a feel for the school and its competitor’s. We have databases we can draw upon which tell us what is happening in education and a model that has proven successful in designing recommendations and actions for all schools.

We work with one person who has responsibility for the area—president, vice president, deans. This approach has proven most effective in addressing change and transformation and works with most people.